Monday, June 20, 2011

Strawberry Success

Finally after 10 years of trying, we have strawberry success. I don't give up too easily! When I first planted strawberries from my grandma's starts they didn't get enough water so we added drip tape, then the trees gree up and they were too shady, so after years of piddling with them and weeding them and still not getting enough to bother, I moved them to another spot. The first year they were in shock, then they had to be weeded extensively. Last year the chickens got out of their coop and ate every single strawberry on the plants. This year, they are beautifully established, they have drip tape, sun and Jeff fertilized them. We have a success story. Two popcorn bowls full, we already ate the other bowl down...and, that is only half the patch. I got tired of bending over at 7 months pregnant to pick, so I am taking a break. I am so happy to have succeeded after soo many years of trying!

Family Camping Trip

Our family took a trip up past Ola last weekend. The cousins had a blast, shooting guns, hiking, playing in the fire, picking wild mushrooms, etc. About lunch time it was raining pretty hard and we had to pack up and go. Made for some pretty sad little boys, that didn't want it to end.
The bigger boys shooting.
All the cousins: Charlie, Piper, Swayr, Jeb, Will, Myles in the back row. Tiler, Walker, Marshall, Anderson, Kylee, Trevor, Hunter and Bryer.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seams Like Yesterday

One of a Kind Skirts made by Cindy Raye. This is the photo taken for the tag that hangs on each skirt. My son Anderson and his friend Sophia from his church class were my actors. They did a wonderful job and are "oh so cute"!
My Mom and I are in "creating" mode. We are making One of a Kind skirts! We love combining the colors and planning out how cute they'll be. The skirt has a ruffle and a sash that ties in a large bow in front. Mom is sewing and I am cutting, marketing, taking the pictures, and selling them for her. Oh, and making the hair rosettes. So far she has given away more than she has sold! They are $30. Made with top quality fabric. If you would like one, email me your size and color choice. They are one of a kind, so you'll just have to take our word for it when you place your order!

Spring Fling

I had a blast taking pictures of my boys with my friends super cool truck.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Spanish Christmas Letter 20210

2010 Feliz Navidad Queridos Amigos Mios,
Cada ano mando carta navidena. Este ano, no pude hacerlo con tiempo para que se pudieron recibirlo antes de la navidad. Les quiero mucho. Ahora que hay facebook y los demas maneras comunicarnos puedo hablar contigos con mas frequencia. Gracias a Dios que tenemos manera hablar. Siempre me encanta saber que estan haciendo con sus vidas y como les va todo.
Este mes hemos sido muy ocupados con los doctoras tratando tener bebe. Todavia no se si estoy embarasada o no. No se como se llama, los doctoras de fertilizar, pero hemos tratado casi todo este ano para embarasarme. (ojala que no estoy diciendo algo que no deberia dicir a otros por que es privada) Este mes ha pasado con mucho dificultad por todo mas que necesito hacer tambien con la iglesia, mi llamamiento como presidente de la sociedad de socorro y la navidad y los que no tienen para la navidad. Tambien, mi sobrina esta en el hospital muy enferma, y estoy ayudando donde puedo con los otro hijos que mi hermano tiene.
Con todo que tengo que hacer me siento muy agradecida por todas mis bendiciones, los cuales son uds, mi familia claro, mi esposo y hijos, la iglesia para tener oportunidades servir otros, Jesucristo porque hizo tanto para todos pero tambien para mi, trabajo, america, salud, poder leer las escrituras, el espiritu santo que es nuestra guia, felizidad, paz, seguridad donde vivo. Tengo tanto para sentirme agradecida. Me imagina que uds tambien tienen mucho. Dan abrazos a todos que aman, y dan besitos para la Hermana Hansen.
Tengan un Feliz Navidad porfavor.
Les quiero mucho.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I just LOVE this picture! My man and my little men.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here are a few pictures of my Boise State Football players. I think it must have been one of the most popular costumes this year on little boys, but none were as cute as my sweeties.

Team huddle.

Marshall serious.

Anderson just happy that he looks like Marshall with a real Bronco jersey.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We Love the Fall Time

Just look at those grapes! I grew those...well, the sunshine and the soil and the plant and the water all had their part in it. But, look at those! I can't remember what variety they are, but my friend Barbara told me to get them and they are delicious and oh, so pretty.

Our Momma cow had her baby. Her name is India, notice the dot on her forehead. She was born yesterday. We were all outside to see the new addition to the farm and Jeff noticed that we also had a departure. The circle of life on the farm. Our good ole' dog Maggie had gone to heaven from old age, we assume. She was lying peacefully underneath the locust tree. We buried her there. We all cried. Marshall had the hardest time. He said a prayer for her that she would have peace in heaven.

This is Rodeo, another addition to the farm yesterday. Anderson and Rodeo. He picked this pig out from our neighbor when it was just 2 or 3 weeks old and has been waiting for it to grow up enough to bring him home.

This is Greaser. Marshall has been wanting a pig since he tried to catch a greased one at the Payette County Rodeo. They are so thrilled. These pigs are a first for us on the farm. They should be ready to eat around Christmas. The boys know that is what they are for. I hope they don't get too attached.

This is Rocket, our pet turtle. Marshall got him for his birthday 2 years ago. He escaped the same year when we left him outside overnight on accident. Jeff found him down by the corn field on the road up to our house about 2 weeks ago. We set him free today in the canal. He seemed very happy. He swam up and down with the current. Jeff told the boys that he was proud of them for setting him free, because it wasn't much of a life in a watering trough.

Scarecrow and Kittens

These are always fun to make, unless you keep finding nails that aren't quite long enough to hold the frameworks together and you have to call your husband over and he has to explain the proper tools you should be using. Like, a drill and a very long screw or two. Thanks to Jeff's help, we have a very hardworking scarecrow who needs a better hat!

This is our second litter of kittens this year. They are 7 weeks old. Marshall has picked out his favorite and his name is Nickel, because his mommy's name is Penny. Penny is very fertile. We are giving away two very soon. And Penny should be making a trip to the vet, but her kittens are so cute and the boys love them so much. It is fun to have babies on the farm.

Anderson has picked out his favorite and has given him such a sweet name. His name is Big Fella. He was the biggest of the litter and I call him Fat Fella, cause he really is a cute little round ball. Anderson always corrects me, "Mom, it is Big Fella, not Fat Fella". His other kitty, born in April, is named Fancy, so Fancy and Fella, they go together quite nicely too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny Faces

The sweetest little faces just turned out to be the funniest little faces!